wa Creans

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DJ Gami.K

DJ Gami.K produced "Zen Hop" in new musical genre. Zen Hop is meditation zen music include hip hop, instrumental, trip hop, ambient, ethnic, abstract, downtempo, chillout, solfeggio frequencies.

Zen Hop will relax you, and keeping calm mind. Additionally you'll feel japanese picturesque scenery, rhythm and sound.

Sound Create & Rhythm Produce, Beatmake & Remix, Collaboration
Zen hop / Abstract / Hip hop / Jazz / Ambient / Trip hop

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Abstract Hip-hop Chill Trip-hop, Meditation (Zen Music) Zen Hop Mix Vol.1 (1 track version) or (Separate tracks version)

00:00 First Beat
01:32 Afro Japorhythm
04:08 Meditation
06:17 Beautiful World
09:24 GAGAKU -雅楽-
10:22 ZEN -禅-
13:35 Brave New World
16:23 Encourage Myself
18:29 KAZAHANA -snowing like a Flower-
20:17 Light & Shadow
23:40 Determination
26:07 KAKUSEI - Arousal
27:46 Bushido -武士道-
29:25 Impermanence
32:26 Survival
35:04 Cupido
38:17 Life is beautiful
41:07 Sacred Space
44:23 Reminiscence
45:31 Wa nastukashi
48:57 Sacred Space (Aco. Ver)

Tokyo was chosen to the host country for the 2020 olympics. "Free Download Campaign" on Bandcamp site

New Release

New best album - "Zen Hop, Hip Beat Collection"

01, Perseverance & Purity
02, Virus Flow Use As Directed (feat. Shawn Lat)
03, Infinite Dimensional
04, Naked Soul (feat. Syusi & Lilli) [In the warm sunshine Remix]
05, Light & Shadow
06, Black Hole Down
07, NEHAN - Nirvana
08, Peaceful Morning
09, Thanx (feat. APZee)
10, Be yourself
11, Lamp Black - KEMURI
12, The Coming of Spring [Be in bloom Remix]
13, Marigold
14, True Love
15, Virus Flow Use As Directed (feat. Shawn Lat) [Instrumental]
16, Thanx (feat. APZee) [Instrumental]

About us

Wa ... The Japanese syllabary ...『わ』

『わ』... 『和』 『輪』 『我』... The Japanese kanji

『和』mean is Japan, Japanese style, harmony, relax,,
『輪』mean is circle, loop, communication,,
『我』mean is oneself, ego, self-assertion,,

Creans ... create, creative,,

Wa Creans ... create Japanese style, relation between human and nature, awaking,,

a once-in-a-lifetime chance, peaceful, create an atmosphere, beautiful scenery,,


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Wa Creans 『和、輪、我、を創造する』 Zen Hop 『ゼン ホップ、禅』/ Produced by DJ Gami.K from Japan

English / Japanese