English / Japanese

Wa ... The Japanese syllabary ...『わ』

『わ』... 『和』 『輪』 『我』... The Japanese kanji

『和』mean is Japan, Japanese style, harmony, relax,,
『輪』mean is circle, loop, communication,,
『我』mean is oneself, ego, self-assertion,,

Creans ... create, creative,,

Wa Creans ... create Japanese style, relation between human and nature, awaking,,

a once-in-a-lifetime chance, peaceful, create an atmosphere, beautiful scenery,,

vol.1 Underground Hip Hop Instrumental Breakbeats

vol.2 Ambient Chillout Oriental Ethnic World

vol.3 Smooth Jazz Hip Hop Funky Soul

vol.4 Beach Lounge Acoustic Reggae

DJ Krush, Nujabes, Shing02, Mission: One, Calm, DJ Cam, DJ Shadow, Fat Jon, Massive Attack, 宮沢和史, Bugge Wesseltoft,
Looptroop, Rasco, Guru, D'Angelo, UB3, Crown City Rockers, 坂本龍一, headnodic, India.Arie, UA, Lauryn Hill & Bob Marley,
Sigur Rós, Calvin Richardson, etc.

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Wa Creans 『和、輪、我、を創造する』/ Produced by DJ Gami.K from Japan

Wa Creans