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Dj gami.K
Sound create & Rhythm Produce
Beatmake & Remix, Collaboration, Mixing, Mastering

2008,, Mi*izu Orchestra of the collaboration unit is chosen by Ryuichi Sakamoto audition by a nomination artist, and a musical piece is sending the world in 『RADIO SAKAMOTO』 Podcast.

2011,,Wa Jazz Quintet

Breakbeat / Abstract / Hiphop / Jazz / Ambient / Triphop

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Abstract Hip-hop Chill Trip-hop, Meditation (zen music) Mix
Sacred Space

1. Human Frailty
2. Brave New World
3. Determination
4. RAKUEN 楽園 - Paradise
5. Sacred Space
6. Deja vu
7. Impermanence
8. Rainy days never stay
9. KAKUSEI 覚醒 - Arousal
10. The only one
11. Macrocosm
12. Bushido
13. Life is beautiful
14. Sacred Space (Aco. ver)

Total works, Abstract soundscape compilation (bandcamp only Release)

1. Cherry Blossoms -OUKA 桜華- (feat, potw)
2. Swan Lake (feat, makoto sawai)
3. Summer Breeze - Wa Jazz Quintet
4. Beautiful World - DJ gami.K
5. Virus Flow Use As Directed (feat. Shawn Lat)
6. Grungeness - Fundary & Kettary
7. Color Program - Mi*izu Orchestra
8. Love is Magic - Wa Jazz Quintet
9. Lovers Ballad - Oto Yumeno
10. Merry Go Round - Jou D. Smooth
11. Afro Japorhythm - DJ gami.K
12. Trance Far - Fundary & Kettary
13. Thanx (feat. APZee)
14. Floral Butterfly - Oto Yumeno
15. Light & Shadow - DJ gami.K
16. Naked Soul (DJ gami.K Remix) - Syusi & Lilli
17. Seashell Fairy - DJ gami.K
18. Crystal Water - Jou D. Smooth
19. Spacedrive (feat, Electric Model)
20. Starry midnight (feat, Ksuke)
21. I remember you - Wa Jazz Quintet
22. Wa nastukashi (Reminiscence) - DJ gami.K
23. Sunrise Bird - Oto Yumeno

Air Relaxing Mixtape Playlist

1, vol.1 Underground Hip Hop Instrumental Breakbeats
2, vol.2 Ambient Chillout Oriental Ethnic World
3, vol.3 Smooth Jazz Hip Hop Funky Soul
4, vol.4 Beach Lounge Acoustic Reggae
Abstract Hip-hop Chill Trip-hop, Meditation (zen music)

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Oto Yumeno
Musician & Therapist
composer, Pianist

In your daily life, a lot of healing and relax exists.

Classic / Ambient / Soundscape


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Meditation Music Relaxing Relaxation Nature Sounds Mix
One day, little happiness

1. Sunrise Bird
2. Morning Coffee
3. Lovers Ballad
4. Doze off
5. Floral Butterfly
6. 5.00PM Bell
7. Family Smile
8. Shooting Star
9. Tomorrow

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Jou D. Smooth
Guitar, Programming

Smooth House / Lounge Deep House / Funky Air Beat / Ambient House


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Merry Go Round
Merry Go Round (Long club mix)

01, Merry Go Round (Long club mix)
02, Merry Go Round

Crystal Water

01, Crystal Water
02, Sky Blue
03, Escape
04, Love Letter
05, Eternal Life
06, Inside Clap
07, Play On
08, Merry Go Round
09, Soul Boogie 9
10, Dolphin Dive

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Morineko Izumi - Mi*izu Orchestra
Composer, Japanese bamboo flute,
Singer songwriter

2008,, Mi*izu Orchestra of the collaboration unit is chosen by Ryuichi Sakamoto audition by a nomination artist, and a musical piece is sending the world in 『RADIO SAKAMOTO』 Podcast.

Classic / Ambient

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Mi * izu Orchestra Single Collection (Remaster . ver)

1. Soul Change
2. Color Program
3. Soul Change (Instrumental)
4. Color Program (Instrumental)

Color Program - Mi*izu Orchestra

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Fundary & Kettary

Oriental Techno, Minimal House, Ambient Beats.


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Keep On Moving

01, Keep On Moving (Long club mix)
02, Keep On Moving

Smoke Eyes

01, 7/7 Negai
02, Trance Far
03, Limited
04, Smoke Eyes
05, Giant Balloon
06, Space Trip
07, Keep On Moving
08, Grungeness
09, Daydream
10, Dramatic City

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Retroloop Impressions
Sampling, Programming

Soulful downtempo / Picturesque ambience instrumental / Chillout soundscape


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Rural Landscape
Rural Landscape

01, Rainbow
02, First Romance
03, Train Window
04, Samurai Soul
05, Rural Landscape
06, Kaleidoscope
07, Favorite Funky Jam
08, Jewelry Box
09, Otogibanashi -a nursery story-
10, Best Friend
11, Endless Memory
12, Time Machine
13, Classical Grace
14, Rural Landscape (Calm Sunset Mix)

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Wa Jazz Quintet
Dj gami.K (Drum, Programming)
Masa Kanou (Bass)
Oto Yumeno (Keys, Vibes)
R. Sima (Guitar, Strings)
N.I Honda (Trumpet, Sax, Strings)

Wa-Jazz is new japanese jazz.
It posts a limit on purpose.
It's a Japanese sense jazz.

It must repeat a beat or a melody.
It must include "Word to express a season in song name" or "Sound to express nature in song".
It is like a Jazz.
These rules need not obey.

Jazz / Hip hop / Instrumental / Breakbeat

Last fm

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Natural Things

01, Sakura Street
02, The River
03, Let me Dance
04, Summer Breeze
05, Cry
06, True Strength
07, Love is Magic
08, Natural Things
09, Autumn in Tokyo
10, Relax a Day
11, Fresh Snow Bossa
12, Hoshi wo miagete (Look up at the stars)
13, I remember you

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