wa Creans

Zen Hop

Zen Hop is meditation zen music include hip hop, instrumental, trip hop, ambient, ethnic, abstract, downtempo, chillout, solfeggio frequencies. Zen Hop will relax you, and keeping calm mind. Additionally you'll feel japanese picturesque scenery, rhythm and sounds.

Zen Hop, Trip Beat Collection

01, Tsumugi feat. Seimo Yamaguchi (Dark Matter Remix)
02, Afro Japorhythm
03, ZEN (Trip Hop Remix)
04, Make a Noise#
05, Oriental Rhapsody
06, Rebirth of Zen
07, Flickering Candle (Soumatou Remix)
08, A Drop In the Ocean
09, Healing Meditation
10, The World of Prayer
11, Beautiful World
12, Tsumugi feat. Seimo Yamaguchi (Dark Matter Remix) Shakuhachi
13, Natural Forest
14, Fresh Verdure

Rebirth of Zen

01, Serenity Ambient Zen Garden, Relax Meditation Mix
02, Underground Chill Zen Hop, Spiritual Meditation Mix

Solfeggio Meditation

Solfeggio Meditation is relaxation zen music for sleep, yoga, mindfulness, and healing. These sounds include solfeggio frequencies, ambient, chill out, nature sound.

00:00 Peaceful Morning
02:33 MU NO SEKAI - Nothingness
07:47 Zazen Spiritual
10:22 Fresh Verdure
15:24 Joya no Kane in Winter
17:53 RINNE - Reincarnation

About us

Wa ... The Japanese syllabary ...『わ』

『わ』... 『和』 『輪』 『我』... The Japanese kanji

『和』mean is Japan, Japanese style, harmony, relax,,
『輪』mean is circle, loop, communication,,
『我』mean is oneself, ego, self-assertion,,

Creans ... create, creative,,

Wa Creans ... create Japanese style, relation between human and nature, awaking,,

a once-in-a-lifetime chance, peaceful, create an atmosphere, beautiful scenery,,


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Wa Creans 『和、輪、我、を創造する』 Zen Hop 『ゼン ホップ、禅』/ Produced by DJ Gami.K from Japan